About JPEC (English)


NCEES Calculator Policy

NCEES has strict policy that NCEES limits the types of calculators you may bring to the exam room.

In Japan, some of the calculators are not available, therefore, NCEES allows to use the following calculators available in Japan for the JPEC Exams only.

* All fx-993 models
* All fx-912 models
* All fx-991 models
* All fx-570 models
* All fx-915 models
* All fx-995 models
* fx-JP700
* fx-JP900 (New)

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exams

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English Translation

English Translation

JPEC is trying to translate all the Web pages into English.
All the necessary information and documents regarding the application of the PE/FE Exams have been translated in English.
Please refer "Exams" for these information and documents.

Meanwhile, if you need to translate some other information into English, you are encouraged to use Web translation service, such as "Cross Translation".


Director: Minoru TASAKI, PE, PMP
Vice President: Takanori OKA, PE

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About JPEC

Welcome to JPEC

JPEC is a non-profit organization certified by the Japan Governmental Cabinet Office and the administrative body to execute NCEES exams in Japan.

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History of JPEC

October 1994
The first FE Exam was executed in Tokyo, Japan by administration of OSBEELS/JTTAS.
April 1996
The first PE Exam was executed at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan by administration of OSBEELS.

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Organization Chart